Community Improvements

Woodlawn Crossing aims not only to become a new presence in the City, but it also strives to make a significant investment in the community to help secure a prosperous future for Pittsfield for years to come.

Aesthetic Improvements:

  • Improve the existing condition of the 16 acre concrete slab into a productive reuse, as a retail facility that will provide significant revenue, jobs and convenience.
  • New landscaping, lighting and cosmetic improvements along Woodlawn Ave.
  • Work is to be completed in accordance with approval from the Community Development Board and City Council.

Traffic improvements:

  • Improve Intersection of Tyler Street and Dalton Avenue.
  • Install new traffic signal.
  • Reconfigure traffic lanes, as needed, for improved traffic flow efficiency.
  • Incorporate engineering, design and elevations to incorporate the new bridge with Woodlawn and Kellogg Streets.

Access Improvements:

  • Install new walkways along Woodlawn Ave. to improve pedestrian access to proposed site and adjacent properties.
  • Install transit stops to improve public access to the proposed site and adjacent properties for future development of William Stanley Business Park.